Cash flow forecast template

Cash flow forecast template
Cash flow forecast template

If you want any of the following, you have arrived at the right place:
I want to download a friendly Excel file where I can keep a running total of my company cash balances without having to go online to look at our bank statement.

I want to budget our monthly cash flows and review variances within categories. I need to differentiate cash transactions into categories and keep running monthly totals of all my receivable and payable accounts separated and totaled within each category. You have two options how to use Business Cash Books.

You can enter cash receipts and payments as they happen and maintain a running cash book. Alternatively you can enter receivable and payable items with forecast settlement dates and maintain a forecast cash book. You can do both by copying the file and creating a second cashbook.

Create monthly budgets for each expenditure and credit category to see how we are managing compared to monthly budgets. Help us control budget variance differences as new transactions enter our records. Maintain detailed records in Excel so that I can look back to previous months and years and create budgets based on historical actual.

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Suitable for PCs and Apple Mac and all versions of Excel.

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